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Drink The Fruit

Chota Bheem

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Chota Bheem. Try our two new Mango and Guava Chota Bheem Pack

About Us

“Discover the orchard freshness”

Every sip of any fresca juice is like biting into a fruit with a blast of its natural flavor in your mouth. Coming straight from the orchards, our each fruit is a source of best quality pulp concentrates. This means the goodness of the fruit is retained to the maximum before it makes way to our bottles and eventually to your taste buds. Taste and nutrition are brought together in every single bottle of Fresca juice, reason we say… pulp in every gulp.


Only Natural   Ingredients

Extracted from fresh fruits, these electrolyte-packed Fresca Juices offers a variety of healthy, wholesome and nutritious flavors essential for a healthy lifestyle. Its nutrients refresh your body, mind and soul.With Fresca’s juices, you not only drink healthy but also live healthy. Fresca Juices has a range of 10 exciting variants in the fruit juices category such as Litchi, Mango, Aam Panna, Tangy Shikanji, Lime , Mix Fruit, Apple,  Gauva, Pomegranate and Pineapple

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